True Partnership – What Our Clients Say

The vast majority of our highly respected and word-class clients have come to us through recommendations from our dental partners. The reason is simple. Partners listen, they don’t dictate. They offer advice and support rather than make demands. Partners go the extra mile for each other to make sure both sides of the partnership is delighted with the results.

“Many of my clients are high profile individuals who need to be camera-ready, day and night. Technique provide me with the aesthetic attention to detail my clients demand, combined with outstanding service and the exceptional quality I know I can trust”

Dr Maurice Johannes

“I have been working with Technique for over 30 years. I have complete faith in the extraordinary quality of their work and their understanding of my needs. Our relationship is collaborative; built on teamwork, collaboration and mutual respect.”

Dr Roy Sennett

“As a highly regarded, award winning cosmetic dentist with a reputation for perfectionism, I need a lab partner who understands my needs, my time frames and my quality expectations; which is why I choose Technique, every time.”

Dr Sunita Verma

One of my main specialities is screw retained bridges. Working with Technique is like a breath of fresh air. They have gone out of their way to help me develop the best possible dental solutions; embracing the latest technology, to ensure up to date perfection for me and my clients.”

Dr Neil Poyser

“Being at the vanguard of Same-Day Reconstructive Dentistry means I often require full arch implant bridges rapidly. With Technique, I have a 100% success rate backed up by very happy clients. The quality of their service and their products are simply astonishing and they are a pleasure to work with.”

Dr Manish Bose

“For my many celebrity clients, image is everything. They are constantly in the media spotlight. Technique fully appreciate the demands and needs of my clients and produce work of outstanding quality and craftsmanship. The service and support they have offered me and my colleagues over the years is simply unbeatable.”

Dr Marie McGrath