Same Day Teeth

Many of our internationally renowned dental partners see patients who fly in to the UK from all over the world.  Their reputation for dental excellence, globally, may means their clients require a rapid cosmetic or implant services.

This service is not just restricted to those who have international celebrities status, there are a number of professional for whom the ability to have their cosmetic or implant procedures completed in a single day is a huge benefit to them.

If your clients require a 24 hour service, we are delighted to help, subject to prior notice. We offer:

  • A dedicated, bespoke service,
  • A fast-turnaround service completing any work required within 24 hours.
  • We use the same outstanding quality products, created by our highly skilled craftsmen.

If you feel this would be of benefit to you, or would like more details of this service, please do contact us using the links below.

Same Day Dentures:

Our Same Day Service is not just restricted to international high flyers or the jet set. From the first day when we opened our doors, local dentists were encouraging their clients to take advantage of our walk-in service for customers who needed their dentures repaired.

Our friendly and understanding team appreciate the pain and upset that damaged and ill-fitting dentures can cause.  Where possible, we aim to repair these on the same day.

If you would like to know more about the Same Day Service we offer, please contact us using the links below, or call us on 020 8567 6886. We would be more than happy to discuss our work with you.