CAD/CAM or computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing technology is used by dental laboratories to provide patients with milled ceramic crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays and bridges. Dental CAD/CAM is also used to fabricate metal frame works for large bridges and abutments for dental implants.

As the materials and technology available for CAD/CAM dentistry have improved over the years, so too have the restorations that patients can receive from this form of digital dentistry. Today’s CAD/CAM restorations come with a precision fit, are much more durable and more natural looking (multi-coloured and translucent, similar to natural teeth) than previously machined restorations.

Here at Technique we are constantly looking to improve our CAD/CAM technology.  Always searching for the latest software and scanners available to provide the best restorations we possibly can for our Dentists and patients alike. We understand that digital dentistry is not a replacement for the accuracy and talent provided by one of our highly skilled dental technicians. But we do realise that with the help of the new technology available in CAD/CAM along with the design skills of our technicians, we can create dental restorations which are second to none.