Price List

Below is a list of our prices. You can download our comprehensive price guide by clicking here.

High-Impact Acrylic (Per Denture) £50 Appointment with Jim  Per 30 mins £50 TECHNIQUE Flexi-Dentures From £300

All Ceramic & Porcelain Fused to metal (All prices are per unit cost)
Zirtech (R) Zirconia Bridge £200
Zirtech (R) Zirconia Crown £180
Zirtech (R) Full Contour Crown* £160
Emax (R) Bridge £180
Emax (R) Crown £163
Porcelain Bonded Bridge £160
Porcelain Bonded Crown £148
Maryland Bridge 1 or 2 Wings (Inclusive) £185
Additional Retention Wing (Inclusive) £43
Emax (R) Veneer £160
Empress Veneer (R) £160
Emax (R) £132
Signum £103
G.C Gradia (R) £103
Smile Design
Study Model (Each) £10
Diagnostic Wax-UP (Per Unit) £26 (£10 Refundable against finished  Crown/Veneer)
Diagnostic Stent (Putty) £18
Anatomical Articulation £50
Clear Diagnostic Stent (For light or cold cure temporaries) £75
Ortho Articulated Models £36
Post And Cores
Post & Core £65
Post & Core (with Diaphragm) £80
Split Post & Core £94
Post & Tooth shaded Core £90
Full Gold Restorations (Alloy Extra)
Full Gold Crown 3/4 Crown £82
Gold Inlay/Onlay £82
Implants, Attachments and Milling
TECHNIQUE specialise and are qualified in just about every implant system and are always happy to consult. Due to a variety of combinations, systems,  components and alloys, pricing for each case will be confirmed upon request.
Screw Retained Crown including Alloy £200
Screw Retained Bridge Unit including Alloy £210
Cement Retained Crown including Alloy £185
Cement Retained Bridge Unit including Alloy £195
Temporary Restorations
Temporary Crown Triad (R) £38
Temporary Bridge Triad (R) (Up to 3 units) £43
Temporary Metal Reinforced Bridge Unit £69
Temporary Stick (R) Reinforced Bridge Unit

PMMA Crown

PMMA Bridge




Prosthetics (Each Stage 7 Working  Days in Lab)
Acrylic Denture 1-3 Teeth £250
Acrylic Denture 4-8 Teeth £285
Acrylic Denture 9-14 Teeth £310
Acrylic Denture F/F Teeth £540
Chrome Framework £185
Complex Chrome Framework P.O.A
Clasps (Each) £50
High- Impact Acrylic (Per Denture) £50
Appointment with Jim Per 30 minutes £50
TECHNIQUE Flexi-Dentures From £300
(Two Year Guarantee) Require 5 Working Days. All TECHNIQUE Prosthetics include3-layered private teeth (Other premium brands including Vivadent, Vitapan, Enigma/Myerson etc P.O.A)
Repairs and Relines (2 working days in Lab – 24 Hours 25% Extra)
Addition to Denture (Single Tooth) £55
Addition to Denture (For each additional tooth) £35
Repair Fractured Denture £50
Relines (From) £95
Sports Guards, Bleaching Trays & Night Guards
MAX- Impact Sports Guard £45
MAX- Impact Sports Guard Mixed colours (or personalised) P.O.A
Bleaching Tray 1mm £31
Bleaching Tray 2mm £37
Night Guard £37
Alignment of Attachments £45
Laser Weld (Per Section) £65
Special Tray £20
Surgery Shade Take £85
Basic Laboratory Shade Take** FREE OF CHARGE
Personalization*** £50 CHARGE PER HALF HOUR
Slot (Including Alignment) £65
Rest £22
Bite Block £18
Acrylic Base Bite Block £50
Retry (From) £30
Dental D Clasp £80
Dental D Facing £80
Michigan/Tanner Appliance £122